LGBTQ+ Community Debates the Meaning of « Queer », Military Bans, & More


  • Autre(s) sujet(s) traité(s) Queer, LGBTQQIP2SAA
  • Type de contenu Vidéo
  • Auteur•rice•s VICE
  • Langue Anglais
  • Année de publication 2019
  • URL de la vidéo
  • Durée 00:23:00
  • Sujet(s) LGBTQIA+, Queer
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People across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum came to the VICE offices in Brooklyn to hash out some of the most pressing issues they face today. Within the LGBTQ umbrella lies a multitude of identities and ideologies. In an effort to showcase this VICE gathers a diverse group of progressive and conservative members of the LGBTQ community to discuss topics that relate to queerness and its intersection with culture, and politics. Our goal is to foster conversations that are already happening within communities. With this format, we hope to give the viewer a rare opportunity to witness a conversation with people across the aisle that they otherwise might never find themselves in.


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